Experiential Learning for the Traditional Learner

I doubt there was a single student more incompatible with experiential learning than myself. For me, standing up, being active, walking around, and playing games is not learning, it’s painful agony. So Wednesday’s in-class session was hugely unsuitable for my personality.

And, yes, I get it. Each activity has its purpose.

For example, when Fiona split us into two teams to lower the tent pole, I realize I was supposed to have this “ah-ha” moment: Our team was like a system! We had to work together to realize our goal, and each person in the system was interconnected. When one person lowered the pole too quickly, the team failed; when one person lowered the pole to slowly, the team failed.

But I can understand this without playing games.

I don’t think Chantal or Sophia would be very impressed with me, but I’m not interested in play. Just like they feel they are being “forced” to be “traditional”, I feel like I’m being “forced” to be “creative”.

I like how I learn….it’s worked well so far.


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